First Baptist church

111West Monument Avenue Dayton, Ohio 45402 First Baptist Church of Dayton was founded on May 29, 1824 – only 19 years after the city itself was incorporated – by a small band of Calvinist Baptists. After three years of supply pastors, in 1827 the church hired its first regular pastor, D. S. Burnet. The young (19 years old at the time of hire!) Burnet was a powerful preacher, and within two years First Baptist membership had jumped from 13 to 84, making it the largest church in the town. 

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Fifth Third

Fifth Third Center at 1 South Main Street is located in the heart of it all in downtown Dayton, Ohio surrounded by the South Main Street, business corridor and up street breathtaking view. Suite 200 Dayton, OH 45402

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The Old

Completed in 1850, the Old Courthouse is considered to be one of the finest examples of Greek Revival style courthouses in the nation. Constructed of locally quarried Dayton limestone, the Old Courthouse has been at the center of many important events, from campaign stops for current and future Presidents of the United States to being a gathering point for telegraph updates during the Civil War. In the twentieth century,

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The Five Rivers Fountain of Lights is created by five water jets housed in concrete towers and a powerful center geyser. The towers straddle the confluence of the Great Miami and Mad Rivers just east of the Riverside Bridge and shoot 2,500 gallons of water per minute toward the center of the river. The central geyser rises from the jets to a majestic 200’ in the air. Covering 395,000 square feet across an 800’ diameter, the Five Rivers Fountain of Lights is one of the largest fountains in the world..

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The Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center

The Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center educates and enriches lives by providing a world-class facility for the best in local, national and international performing artists. The Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, Dayton Opera, Dayton Ballet and Victoria Theatre Association all call the Schuster Center home for their performances.

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churches Historical Churches

Historic churches that date back over 200 years The history of church architecture divides itself into periods, and into countries or regions and by religious affiliation.


Architecture Greek

Dayton is home to some of the finest examples of Greek Revival style, Neo-Classical Revival architecture, sixteenth century Italian Renaissance architecture.


history City of Dayton

Dayton is blossoming as a center of high technology, research and information services, and in its development as a service and distribution center. In transportation, Dayton is the hub of one of the largest "90-Minute" markets in the nation.


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Dayton Downtown Buildings

Dedicated in January, 1910, Memorial Hall was conceived as a memorial for local soldiers who served in the Civil and Spanish-American Wars. Two Dayton architects, William Earl Russ and Albert Pretzinger, were chosen through a competitive search to design the French Renaissance building
Historical Buildings
Premiere Health & beyond

Rooftop 110 Main Street

The Dayton Art Institute
The museum’s landmark building, designed by prominent museum architect Edward B. Green of Buffalo and completed in 1930, was modeled after the Villa d’Este near Rome and the Villa Farnese at Caprarola in Italy, both examples of sixteenth century Italian Renaissance architecture.